Beach Umbrella Anchor (1″)

Tired of losing your beach umbrella in every gust of wind? Secure it with BeachGrip and stop worrying about it! This incredibly effective beach umbrella anchor was officially tested in hurricane force winds*. Knowing that your beach umbrella won’t fly away, relax and fully enjoy your day at the beach!

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This model works with beach umbrellas with stakes diameter 22 to 25 mm (0.8″ to 1″ max)

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The Hurricane Proof Beach Umbrella Anchor

Your peace of mind on the beach weighs only 230 grams.

  • Incredibly effective: successfully tested in 100 MPH winds*
  • Small: 16 cm (6″)  when folded / 30 cm (12″) when deployed
  • Light: only 230 gr (0.5 lb)
  • Easy to use: set it up & remove it in seconds
  • Convenient: can remain permanently on the umbrella stake
  • Works with beach umbrellas with stakes diameter 22 to 25 mm (0.8″ to 1″)
  • Unique patented system: there is nothing like this in the world.
  • High quality, durable material: it was designed and made to last!
  • Made in France by our exclusive partner: Chris France – 31 Cours de Verdun – 01100 Oyonnax


*We tested the BeachGrip in extreme conditions to make sure it would hold in any normal / windy beach conditions. However, and while these tests were officially witnessed by a bailif, the performance of a beach umbrella anchor depends on factors like its proper installation or the quality of the sand, and can therefore not be guaranteed.



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Weight230 g
Dimensions16 × 30 × 5 cm



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